Smart Loading and Delivery Zones

Towards Sustainable City Logistics

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Smart parking platform based on Apps and Bluetooth

According to patented parking control method. 100% Contactless.

Signs with Bluetooth sensor

Delimiting each smart zone.

Mobile app for drivers

Managing parking sessions.

App for parking agents

Enforcing smart loading zones.

Back-Office for city adminstrators

Managing parking data in real-time per smart zone.

Big Data platform for city planners

Data-driven curbside optimization and analytics.
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Digital parking rules
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Higher parking rotation
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Easy · Efficient · Scalable

Dynamic curbside management

Precise location

Vehicle type

Vehicle emissions

User profile

Time of the day


Vehicle tonnage

Authorized vehicles

Extremely easy to install without road works
Very cost-effective solution with a high ROI
No mains power or telecoms network.
Clear app-based parking conditions for all.
Easy to scale and transfer in any city.
Compatible with Low Emissions Zones

Sustainable City Logistics