Parkunload App Smart Loading Zone
Parkunload App Smart Loading Zone

Smart Loading Zone by Parkunload

Sustainable City Logistics

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Sourcewell's cooperative purchaising to Parkunload in the USA and Canada.

What is a Smart Loading Zone?

Smart loading zone is a time-limited, restricted and usually free-of-charge parking area for vans, trucks or commercial vehicles, which is digitally regulated and enforced with mobile apps. 

By using the app, drivers should start the parking session in the zone code printed in the road sign delimiting each smart loading zone.

Both the parking permit and time limit are variable or dynamic according to several criteria, such as location, peak-hours, vehicle type, vehicle emissions or driver’s profile. 

Digital solution
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Higher parking rotation
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Less parking misuse
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Unique efficient solution by Parkunload

Parkunload App Smart Loading Zone
Easy to install, without road works.

Without additional telecoms network.

Without mains connection.

Cost-effective, highly scalable solution

No camaras. 100% privacy compliance.

Compatible with Low Emissions Zones.

Dynamic parking rules · Variable time limit

Precise location
Vehicle type
Vehicle tonnage
Vehicle emissions
Driver profile
License plate

Smart parking platform based on Apps & Bluetooth

Parkunload Smart Loading and Delivery Zone based on Apps and Bluetooth · Sustainable City Logistics

Sign with Bluetooth sensor

Bluetooth-based location and parking rules.
Parkunload mobile app for drivers

Mobile app for drivers

Parking sessions and availability in real-time.
Parkunload App parking agents PKUN Control

Mobile app for agents

Enforcing parking rules per smart zone.
Parkunload BackOffice Dashboard for cities

Web-based BackOffice

Parking data and KPIs in real-time.
Parkunload plataforma Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Data-driven decisions for city planners.